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Backend Engineer Java / Node.js

About Metricly

Metricly is a SaaS-based adaptive monitoring solution that helps organizations monitor cloud services, applications, infrastructure, and public cloud costs. Metricly’s advanced machine learning algorithms learn the behavior and workload patterns of your environment to optimize your resource allocation, reduce your cloud spending, and identify performance anomalies that matter to your business.

About The Job

The job is all, are you familiar with Spinnaker? Jenkins? Are you in love with Kubernetes? Understand the value of helm charts? Do you like building simple but powerful microservices? Dealing with and learning powerful and big NoSQL databases? If you answered yes to all those questions, you are the ideal candidate. We’re ingesting over a billion data points a day and growing, we’ve got some interesting challenges in our next generation delivery pipelines that we could use your help with! Additionally, we’re looking for engineers that embody our culture and core values of integrity, innovation, teamwork, determination, and


  • 18 декабря 2018 — odessa.hh.ua
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