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Primary Duties and Responsibilities

* Applying knowledge in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers. Build/maintain reports, dashboards, and metrics.

* Performing statistical analyses on large data sets to provide actionable insights to operations and product teams.

* Analyzing current business performance and building statistical models to extrapolate current trends into forward-looking forecasts.

* Conducting analysis of design and development of business ...

  • 24 марта 2019 — odessa.hh.ua
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Are you a talented software engineer that would like join a constantly growing development team that works on large ecommerce projects in a fast paced environment and take your skills to the next level - Ecentria is the place to be.

We are a leading online retailer with a wide selection of products selling to educational, scientific, outdoor, military and

This person will be working on some of the major projects being introduced in the company, development of existing web applications, as well as integrating with 3rd party tools and ...

  • 24 марта 2019 — odessa.hh.ua
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